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Millenials PROCRASTINATION issue #1- Lack of ENDURANCE

How does lack of endurance effect you to procrastinate?

What is first of all endurance? Endurance is a skill every entrepreneur has because simply “growing a business takes time and effort“. This skill is to plan something in beforehand and “enjoy the process not the result“. This little mindset tweak helps people who are starting from scratch to scale the business. However, what is also important is to set a “start point and the endpoint ” on a calendar. Why using a calendar you might ask. A calendar is a trigger that holds you accountable for what you do during which time. The second reason is, without a fixed date you have made, you simply never start.

Why are millennials the biggest victims of that procrastination issue? Millennials are born into technology where we are surrounded by “instant gratification“. Just take a look on your smartphone. If you want to order something you go to Amazon. If you want to date someone you go on Tinder. If you want to see what your friends are doing now, you check out Instagram or snap chat.

We are surrounded with instant gratification every single day. And the biggest problem is, that we do not know how it was before, because we were not born at that time. Teaching endurance is a hard process which has to be taught in school individually to every of those 4 character types of gemstones what Dan Lok is talking about.

So how does a lack of endurance leading towards procrastination? Basically what you do for example when you can`t wait till a product gets reduced, you simply buy it. Why you can not wait, because of that lack. Furthermore, you buy something and after several minutes you get bored, in short the purchase is not alighned with your core value. Before you realize it, you procrastinate on it and buy that thing.

As Simon Sinek says: it is a problem because we, the millennials do not have the endurance to date someone and build a solid relationship. This is the reason why the birth rate is dropping especially in countries like Japan. Have you been on a date there? I have, and I can tell you (of course it depends on the person) but often everyone just put out the mobile phone and scrolls during the dateHow can you build a solid relationship when you do multitask during a mindful talk. Moreover, many employers are talking about that employees are quitting their jobs because of some hurdles faster than before. Again, lack of endurance. When nobody does teach is it, it is hard to acquire. I mean you can put a chocolate bar right in front of you and stare on it for hours without eating it. Does it train endurance? Somehow, but it is not the core. The core is even deeper anchored in yourself. Endurance is a muscle you can train, however as I said before, it has to be approached individually. Therefore I can not share any technique which is universal for every type of character. But what I can advice is: thinking in long terms, like 5 or even 10 years ahead. Seeing the meaning of it at that time and then evaluate the worth of action from 1 to 10 or even 1 to 1000 and making those decisions where the euphoria has calmed down.

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by Alex Spaet

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