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Failure ​and Procrastination

how does failure coexist with procrastination

I failed. These are these words where 90% of mankind are the scariest to say. But what in the world is a failure? Is it something we have to worry about or even blame ourselves, how the teachers and parents did in the past?

The short answer is NO. However, If you go into the long one you will see that especially when it comes to personal development, blaming someone or even oneself is a ” evil sister” of justification and complaint. These 3 bad habits. In personal development, we count them as the traits of a “scarce or victim mindset”.These are those 3 you have to get rid in your life asap if you want to experience abundant progress.

If you blame someone for the failure, you do not take ownership of the situation and just waiting for a response, which can take you your whole life. Even if you blame yourself, what you do is you get yourself with negative emotions, and start to ask yourself why I did this instead of asking yourself how can I avoid that failure. In short, you procrastinate.

This approach of shifting the question with an “open loop” into a “How- question” makes your brain starts to become more creative towards the solution.

Now let’s tackle the two other “evil sisters“. By justifying you are spending the time of showcasing “false reality”.Which is again procrastination.

Again, here you do not have the ownership because you are playing the “I am a not guilty role” if you are not guilty there is no place for justification it is simply not relevant. Here we have to approaches when you are guilty than show your courage and admit your guilt and move on. If you are not guilty, the truth is the more you justify yourself, the more the people are assuming that you are guilty. Stop it and move on.

Let’s clear the 3rd “evil sister” the complaint. In fact, this is the most common procrastination you can do to yourself when you are complaining or listen to people who are complaining. What you do dring you complain is like my mentor sais: “you are holding a magnet against the universe and say give me more crap!”

Stop it, because when you do complain, again you are giving up your ownership of the situation without taking action. This is the most vicious thing you can do because you do nothing but complaining and waiting, which even amplifies the other two “evil sisters”.

So If you fail, a nice Japanese proverb 七転八起 “shichiten hakki” which describes the “vicissitudes of the life” of when you fall 7 times you have to stand up for the 8th time. Doing so you can`t fail when you just fall. The real failure is nothing but when you gave yourself up.

So I hope you got some value form this blogpost. If so, please like it and share it with your loved one. I hope you have an awesome day and as always:

Do not lie to yourself and pursue your passion, now!

By Alex Spaet

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