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The do not get started pr​ocrastinatio​n ​​​

One of the procrastination types I found my self most guilty

How does it occur?

As I have explained in the previous post about perfectionism procrastination, this kind of procrastination has something in common and that is not to start.

However, at this type of procrastination the main factor is not “analysis paralysis” but other issues we have to cover. This can be simply laziness or the fear which operates from the unconscious mind which dictates this kind of issue.

For example, we do enfacing something new in our life with which our mind has not been dealt with. As you might know from the previous blogs I have talked that our mind is not made for succeeding but for protecting us. Therefore it is one of the most mentally hardest things to approach new things. Of course, when we were children we were curious and wanted to explore the world which surrounds us.

Nevertheless, as we become adults this knowledge we have formed within our childhood becomes the foundation of our perception with all the filters which are approaching us in our future. Making these a part of ourselves we also form a guardian against the transcendental. This kind of guardian helped us in our caveman period against life-threatening enemies like wolfs, bears or tigers. However, the times are changing faster then our mind can comprehend towards it so these occult things are making us a threat and stagnates us towards taking action.

This pressure with the stagnation reaches the peak when you are about to start taking action towards a think that your brain perceives as occult or unknown.

So how can we find that trigger and reframe our mind towards “occult action”? well one of the most common practices is the “3-second rule”.

However, you do not reframe with it but push forward against your fear. It can work, but what if it does not work and you do slack more than twice…

You might know what happens when you do slack more than 2 in the row, you get the rebound which brings you back to the past.

For those of you, I want to share an experiment after the breaving exercise. As you might know that you can reframe your mind after that exercise and operate form the “future self”.

Another path you can do is, to remember yourself back as you have been a child and rewind that joy you had to approach new things.

Once you have found that 1 thing focus on it and make that picture brighter and brigher. And as you have reached the peak imagine how you grab that feeling and spin it around faster and faster. Imagine the faster you spin it becomes brighter and that energy is filling your whole body. Amplify that brightness and be in that moment right now.

Once you have reached here the peak, put your ring finger with your thumb together and set an “anchor”. When you are feeling that you are getting the down form that peaks release that anchor and return slowly to the room you are in. Now rate your feeling of confidence and fun to approach that particular new thing. Repeat that exercise for a week and set higher and higher anchors. Doing so you will see, how easy it becomes to you to approaching new stuff because you have that anchor, every time you feel “fear” towards approaching something “unknown” hold that anchor and see what happens. Eventually, the pictures become brighter and brighter, and it becomes easier to get back on track fast.

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I wish you an awesome day. And as always:

Do not lie to yourself and pursue your passion, now!

by Alex Spaet

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