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You can not not procrastinate

How procrastination does follow us everywhere

In might sound reticules but I am sure that everyone who is telling “I 100% do not procrastinate” is a liar to him or herself.

Why I am telling this with full concern, how many of our can control every second of our life and move aligned with the “core self” and follow the “purpose”?

It is hard to tell but even very busy people like Elon Musk or Richard Branson do procrastinate. The simple reason why is “our brain is made to protect us and not to succeed”.Having this in mind, we know that success needs more cognitive energy than anything else. However, this success is just a result of hard work of laser light focusing on one craft at a time. because it is such an unnatural focus for us, it can be tiered for our brain to work for long hours in that state even that craft is in full synergy with our “core self” and it does not feel like work. What we need for the “recharge” is the small bit of “procrastination” just in order to think about something else to get back on track most efficiently.

Having this in mind procrastination becomes an inevitable part of our life. Therefore we can`t not not procrastinate.

Another example is, even during deep focus session some of our “inner feelings” might slack form the “core part” what also leads to unconscious procrastination. This happens because of many factors, one of the most common that I have noticed over the years is when there was a past message or past occasion which affected my self mentally where it can disturb the “laser light focus state” tremendously without even realizing it.

But how can we prevent it? we can make sure to go into the state right before the “deep focused work” starts, meditation might also help. So this is just a matter of “mental training” to prevent these issues we can train by building a solid habit on it. That kind of habit will help us to prevent those “unconscious slacks”. However, sometimes our thoughts in our brain can be a virus and when you develop and anti vire to that “disease” because of that habits you have established, another “virus might be around the corner. Therefore it can be an “infinite war” between it and we have to be prepared every time to search for a new “antidote”.

I hope you this “insight” haven’t threatened you though and you got some value form it. If so, smash the like button and share it with your loved one and your friends to help them too. Have an awesome day and as always:

Do not lie to yourself and pursue your passion, now!

by Alex Spaet

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