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What is going on in our brain when we proctastinate​

Easy explanation : Tim Urbans theory



Imagine that our brain (the cognitive part) or the so-called “neocortex” is like a boat captain who is riding the boat in the right direction. This is the so-called “non-procrastinators mind”

So what is the procrastinator’s mind instead? It is like a monkey who wants to play and fun and all that amazing stuff but does not work.

But that monkey has a big enemy that is the “panic monster” . So every time when that “panic monster” arrives the monkey runs away on the tree, and the captain can going on with steering the ship aka “work“.

When there is deadline stuff it is easy for the “panic monster” to appear and scare away the monkey so the captain can operate the ship properly.

Where it starts to get interesting is and also the hardest part to get the panic monster to appear without any “deadline”.

This is when Tim is introducing the live calendar a big box with small boxes where each box shows a week of 90 years life.


So by taking a closer look at it, we realize that life is short and ephemeral which makes think us about our mortality. And the more we remind on it the more we can trigger that “panic Moster” to get rid of that “monkey” on the “steer wheel” of our life.

For more explanation in depths please visit Tim Urbans website 

Also please watch his TED talk which showcases this method too.

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by Alex Spaet

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