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What is the biggest procrastination issue among high performers what they are not realiz​​​e.

How a particular activity which is common among Ph.D. students, doctors, or engineers and causing them procrastination.

It is really easy to understand because it is simply overwhelmed stress through perfectionism. Yes, you have heard it right perfectionism is one of the unconscious procrastination triggers.

So when we go deeper inside the process of perfectionism we will clearly see that the person who is a “perfectionist” is doing the research and wanna have every detail perfect. It might be good you might think.

However, the reality is when perfectionism becomes an obsession. The particular human being who applies it overthinks the situation and doing researches which can take even years. The problem is that the person does not actually act towards the project.

There are studies where 2 engineer groups were gathered to create a new project, one perfectionist group, and one action taker, group. Both of these groups had 6 hours to finish it. After 6 hours the professor has returned and asked for the results.

The results were that the first group has spent 5 out of 6 hours just for planning and didn’t succeed in that project. In contrast, the 2nd group has spent all 6 hours with trial and error so they had actual even 1 hour time to relax because they have finished that project and got a good remark.

What this study shows is that it is often important just to start. I compare it often (when you have experience with skateboarding) with the “drop-in” to a mini ramp or a half pipe. The longer you stand on the top for the first time you do it, you become more fearful and because the fear control you and you are thinking and analyzing the situation the so-called “analysis paralysis” happens. That`s also why It is easier for kids to “drop-in” form a ramp rather than for adults, as adults are analyzing the situation and the circumstances but the kids are just doing it having trust into the process, or into the technique.

As I have shared in my previous blog posts: every time you are caught up with analysis paralyzes or perfectionism, what you wanna do is to count from 3 to 0 and just go for it. Doing so your limbic system and you “looser mind” has no chance to bring you back into the “state of excuses” which is a “negative mindset”

So you hope you got some value form that blogpost. If so please like it and share it with your friends and loved one who might benefit from this kind of information. I wish you an awesome day and as always:

Do not lie to yourself and pursue your passion , now

By Alex Spaet

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