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the process of procrastination

How does procrastination occur?

Procrastination has many forms and shapes. One of the most common ones is procrastinating towards what we do not like aka. hate or even what we are fearful of. This kind of extrinsic procrastination happen on occasions like as sleazy salesman want to sell us something or people who we do not like are approaching us for a date or so and because we do not want to hurt them, what we do is procrastinating on that person.

Another common example is that we procrastination on things that have to be done by us. Just remember your school days if you hated to prepare yourself for tests and rather procrastinate with friends outside until the last day and pump everything in your brain and pray to get a good remark. I wasn`t one of these pupils however I have seen a lot of these.

This innocent procrastination towards our duties persons we interact with is often occurring on an unconscious level.

Another and most fatal kind of unconscious procrastination is procrastination towards ourselves. Many people are hating the pain they have when they are at the dentist. So what they are doing is simply postponing the appointment till they have caries or periodontosis, which can often lead to bad things and even to death.

This “innocent” 3 kinds of procrastination I have listed might be innocent for ourselves because it does happen on the unconscious level. However, when we look deep inside the matter we will see that is no “innocence” there. In other words, we are guilty of our procrastination. Because of this consciousness has been established through our habitual relationship towards it, which we might not realize. But this relationship has shaped our belief system in that manner to feel “innocent” while procrastinating.

So what does exactly happen during this “innocent habitual action” or let me say better “innocent habitual lack of action“? We give up our responsibility towards a certain situation so we are not able to control it. During this period the last thing you can waste time on is blaming yourself, others, or the event itself. Because of those negative emotions towards it attract negative occasions which will follow in the future. As we human beings are abundant creatures with our environment, this happens very faster than someone might expect. So we are giving up consciously on something doing so hurting others feelings and also ourselves.

So when we have seen that this is happening due to certain occasions we can track them by using methods I have shared in previous blog posts. Doing this kind of moves we are stepping on the path of consciousness and moreover, we are reshaping our relationship towards it. Because we get the control and the responsibility back, we are more capable to see our current situation authentically. We all prone to escape to “Lala land” in some points. However, it is always important to get control back. Because if we don’t, we can`t move on and have a clear destination without knowing our start point.

So practically speaking If you unconsciously procrastinate towards several people, do that exercise and after telling them that you are thankful for the experience you have gained and peacefully detach from them.

If you procrastinate towards a thing or a kind of work. Ask your “core self” if it is even aligned with it if not, delegate it or outsource it using tools like “Fiverr” because your time is the only assist you have which has no return.

So do it as the rich people do “buy your time”.

And If it is you that who you do procrastinate the most, reshape your belief system and ask your “core self” over and over again how you should reshape it, do it step by step in your own pace.

So this is the 3 things I wanted to mention that occurs at the “core of unconscious procrastination”. Becoming conscious of it is always the first step.

I Hope you got some value form it if so, please share it with your friends and your loved one, as I believe sharing is caring. Have an awesome day and as always:

Do not lie to yourself and pursue your passion , now!

by Alex Spaet

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