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Illusional prcrastination ​

How does illusional procrastination occur?

When we start it form the definition of procrastination which is “enlarging the distance to your core self” you will recognize that in our lives there are some patterns where we have to procrastinate in a certain situation.

For example, there is a person you have an argument with or you cannot stand that person simply. So what you do is telling lies and pretending you like that person or at least tolerate him or her. At this moment what you do is procrastinating towards telling the truth. Which we can put into “illusional procrastination“, as this lie is there to avoid conflict and saving time to going back on track to the true-self part. Doing so we might feel guilty in a way depending on that person and that argument, however as far as it does not harm our everyday life and our “right path” we can ignore it and moving on.

Another great example is when someone steals your work in a working group so everyone assumes that you are procrastinating where this is not true. Well, this is a form of “illusion procrastination” which is actually not your fault. And as more your reality is engaging the distance to the “real reality” you will experience stress. At this kind of moment, the best you can do is going for the “going into the state” technique combined with the “3 seconds rule” and just telling the thought by showcasing the evidence which is not always easy to find but not impossible.

A third very common kind of “illusional procrastination” is when you simply set your bar on self-expectation too high where your energy is low, for example, because you are ill or had an unpleasant event during these days. Here what I would do is just listening to what your body is saying. Of course, you can go to the spreadsheet method and manage your energy back, but if it is a physical issue than I would recommend listening to what the body says and doing a pause, or setting the bar lower because when a too high expectation is not reached it will discourage you and you will waste time to get back on track. And time is the only recourse we all have which we can’t get back a “winner set minded entrepreneur” would by the time with money.

As you can see, all of this 3 “illusional procrastination” examples are not harmful as far as they are at the surface level. It is always our job to become conscious of them and judge If you want to live with them or not.

For this, I hope you got some value form that blog post. If so, smash the like button and share it with your friend or your loved one to rise there consciousness too. I wish you an awesome day! And as always:

Do not lie to yourself and pursue your passion, now!

by Alex Spaet

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