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What kind of books I have read sofar​…

What personal development books have Alex Spaet read and is currently reading?

Everything has started somewhere where I needed some motivation so you searched in the youtube browser for motivational speakers and found “Simon Sinek”. His concept of the “why” has fascinated me, and I was drawn into his speeches during that I played WOW in the background. You must know when I got back to Germany form Tokyo, I felt really bad It was for me like “the end of my life” maybe at some point I wanted also to commit suicide, but I was in a really dark place. So one day when I just fed up I YouTubed him and watched him for weeks. In one of his speeches, he said something like that he has books aka physical products on Amazon. So without further do I ordered his “Start with why“. And with the following book “find you’re why” I started to infect even other people around me with that idea. Maybe I lost some contacts, but I felt more drawn into this matter than everything else. After that time, I joined the first mastermind group and my first week I thought that that webinar was a scam.

As I learned form my parents to belief no-one . However, something said to me I had to do it, so I did. After finishing these 2 books I have been evolved in other several courses and started to read Robert T Kiyosakis "Rich dad poor dad". At this time I also started to listen to Pat Flynns "smart passive income podcast" on close to daily bases. 

I have seen Robert Kiyosaki before as a guest on “Valutainment” channel. When he explained the “Cash flow” as well as what is a “real asset” and what are liabilities. I have also enjoyed his “cashflow game” platform.

When I got to the first online marketing class where I was taught the concepts of targeting and funnel framework, I have heard of the SPI(smart passive income) episodes with the author of “the Coaching habit” Michael Bungay Stanier, where he revealed some of the questions he uses to coach his private clients.

So that purchase was for me a “no brainer” and I enjoyed It because of the deeprooted psychology which he explains in a simple manner. After this book I had a breakthrough in terms of “calming down my advice monster” and this is what I currently use to talk to prospects and to clients.

After this book, one of my mentors advised me to read Donald Miller’s “Building A Story Brand” which gave me again another inside to the framework towards storytelling according to branding. How to do it and how to influence prospects in a positive and profitable manner.

After I started to read Tim Han`s “follow your heart and take action“. For me, It was a good designed methodical book which helped me to grasp for more and maybe also overvome my fears.

The book I have just finished recently is written by Ryan Levesque “Ask.” . This book describes in depts the “ask method” in order for what question should be asked in a funnel and in an email it also tells the funnel design as well as things he advised to have within a “landing page” and other super tools we can use for online marketing.

Currently, I read Brad Baltons "radical honesty" which also a best seller and covers the importance of being honest to oneself as well to others on different levels. Because I believe, that honesty might hurt but the regret of withholding lie does hurt even more. Thats why I started to read this book regardles of its harsh choice of terms. 

Oh, I forgot one it is a Japanese one I have read back when I returned back to Germany it is written by Mentalist Daigo “chokkan ryoku” メンタリストDAIGO 「直観力」it has shown the method which is pretty similar to the “3-second rule” how to apply and train it.

So these are the books I have read so far at the field “personal development” I hope you got some value form it. If so please share it with your loved one. Have an awesome day and as always:

Do not lie to yourself and pursue your passion, now!

by Alex Spaet

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