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Triggers for Procrastination – Focus on Good Realtionship​​

how to find patterns and occasions of procrastination

Procrastination, just the word make shiver people surround me or make them feel disgusted. Those people often do not understand that with that kind of action they are showcasing their weaknesses more then they are vulnerable. Why? you might ask.

Those feeling and those small patterns especially towards showcasing something we dislike is easier to understand because it triggers thorough or subconscious mind or limbic system. Because our brain is designed to protect us, we react twice as fast towards what we hate rather than what we like or admire. That is also the reason why we often do not know what we want.

Because the limbic system and not our rational “neocortex” is responsible for decisions we often have “no clue” why we are loving, for example, our spouse. What we do at that moment is to search for metaphors to showcase an analogy of our feelings within a story.

But how to find the occasions and patterns of procrastination within us?

Well, at the moment of “disgust, hatred” or other “protective” emotions, we do operate from the belief system we had established throughout our life. That is deep-wired inside of us and part of these negative emotions towards a certain occasion or action might be a part of our “core self” which we have to distinguish and not neglect. Because the neglection of it causes in the end psychological deceases which we can’t comprehend with. To avoid those, we have to become first of all conscious of our “core voice” and not the “looser voice“.

Taking the”core voice” or the “champion voice” in account we do feel better, more empowered and motivated toward striving forward and progressing.

Knowing its patterns, we can see the “start point” we are currently at and move from it towards “the perfect version of us”. For myself, I can see some patterns of procrastination after I eat a meal, especially after lunchtime. The reason for it is that during dining we activate our parasympathetic system so we keen to turn down our energy usage.

In Spain, they use this “energy lack” for a so-called “siesta” taking an afternoon nap. Doing so, they refuel themselves for the next energy peak.

For myself, I have discovered that doing a siesta it is hard for me to jump into productivity after it. So what I do is, after I have my lunch I try to turn down the youtube time by, writing this blog or checking my emails. It actually depends always on the level your brain can operate at that moment.

So by tracking it down on a separate spreadsheet, as I have shown you in my previous blogs, you can refuel yourself leveraging procrastination habits at the level of your energy losses.

Of course, there are some days were you think your “self-research” about your energy movement and its numbers are just “fooling” yourself. For “it`s one of those days -limp Bizkit” It is always good to have room and a spreadsheet “B” which is used to track down that “one of those days” separately from the other one because of those days are occasionally, they might bring the other “energy management spreadsheet” into nothing but a whirlwind of wrong data.

And data is the where you leverage form towards your personal management and your personal development. Doing so we have a map of ourselves and we know ourselves better than everyone else because we did the tedious work of tracking down personal procrastination and other patterns.

Another common “dead” factor or the so-called ” first procrastination of today” pattern. In short, grasping the mobile phone or as we call it in Germany the “handy” and checking the wahts app, Facebook Instagram, and other social media or even worse, “hitting the snooze button”. And before we realize it we spend the first hour of our day where our creative brain is at its peak with messing up it and “digging around”. The result is, we do destroy our time management and maybe also our whole day.

So how I use t tackle it is: The first thing I do before going to bed is to put my mobile phone away from my bed that I am forced to stand up in the cold room. Secondly, I drink water to refuel my body against the dehydration during sleep. Then I jump into morning routine stuff. And because I do it every day(or at least I try it because there can be always one of those days) I get my results.

Doing this small commitment habits we have our wins before we walk to our 9-5 and are more motivated, energized and productive throughout the day.

I hope you could understand what I meant with this article. If you got some value form it, smash the like and share it with your loved once and friends.

Tell me down below what your #1 insight was. Have an awesome day! and as always:

Do not lie to yourself and pursue your passion, now!

by Alex Spaet


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