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Procrastination is not your enimy​​​​

Who is then?

If you want the short answer than I can just tell it is “your habitual approach”

Procrastination or not everything we do on “autopilot mode” is deterred by our habits. Like everything in our character or habitual patterns, we can change them by diving deep into using the “chained why question”. In other words, we are always responsible for our thoughts and action.

However, so many people do not want to see the responsibility purposely or even because of the unconscious ignorance which is ruling there days.

If I would ask you personally to go out for a coffee for tomorrow. Many people would say “no” straight away. Why?

Because has been established as a norm to be “busy” . Why you might ask. Well it is a kind of “common sense” especially in countries like “Japan” that the busier you are the more you are “giving you best” aka 頑張る”Ganbaru”

It might be right for some of them, but the majority is busy with “procrastination”. It might sound hard and I might be hated, however, because there they think to form the Showa period still that when you go back home at 11 pm “than you have worked hard“. This kind of thoughts is pretty old if you compare it with current studies, that Japans productivity is far behind the first country in the world when it comes to productivity, Germany. So do you wanna say that the German people do not procrastinate but the Japanese do? In big cities like Tokyo, you see quite the opposite. In fact, there are still studies about the so-called 過労死 “Karoshi” which means to die because of overwork. It does not fit in many peoples brain but, working hard does not mean to “work till you die” but working smart. I know many people who are procrastinating at work in Japan because they have the work done and are waiting until the boss goes home.

In short, it is the “common sense of norm” in treating these occasions. Form this overwork what is caused is “the illusion of stress” which becomes reality. And this can lead to karoshi in extreme cases.

But why does this happen? It is the norm and the obedience toward rules which makes people lying to themselves. This is causing all the “disbalance with the mind and the core self”. Another point is, of course, single stream income. Form Kiyosaki’s “Rich dad poor dad” we know that the rich have at least 5 “income streams” which are “assets”. Because of that, they can protect themselves and adjust themselves to the economic situation. Doing so they can`t really loose.

But what is behind this all that dissemblance? It is the procrastination towards being honest to oneself. Yes, simply being honest.

Nevertheless, those people are simply operating from a scarce mindset, therefore the most part of them are incapable to realize that easy solution.

Because they are operating from fear to lose the job and becoming broke and may by even homeless.

There is one awesome technique to overcome this fear easily which I got from the other mentor. What you need is just “trust in the process”. First of all, determine your “money magnet” by watching into your wallet and finding out, what the average amount you have always with you. The first step is, take 20% of it and burn it down. Doing so with the fire you will burn down the fear. Listen what your “looser voice” is saying and how strong it wants to put that amount back into the wallet.

The second step is simple. You take that average amount always with you and fantasize “what you can buy” using that “money magnet”. So never spend it, if you are done it always fill it up. So you have a stronger relationship in feeling the value.

When you have done it, your approach towards fear of being honest will also change because you have overcome the fear of losing something.

I hope this little crazy technique will help you find the way to your honest self and overcome the procrastination habit of lying to yourself.

If so share it with your loved once ! have an awesome day! And as always:

Do not lie to yourself and pursue your passion, now!

by Alex Spaet  

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