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perception of procrastination

how people around me perceive this topic

When I speak about procrastination in the public. The most people are “surface orientated” therefore they are just seeing the “negative connotation” inside of this term.

Most people do not understand that they are missing out opportunities because of it. And when I do talk about it openly and vulnerable, people tent to thinking that I might be stupid. Simply because the rule of being “productive all the time” (even if you not) has been molten into our subconscious mind. Therefore everytime when people hear that term even when they do it, they are too ashamed of talking about it in honesty. By the way. When they are doing so, they are putting themselves inside a “prison of social perception” which is nothing but dogma.

This and most of them are not even thinking about that this kind of dogma has been created by human beings like them on the one hand. And on the other hand, they do not understand that honesty and gratitude is the first step toward progression. And because we are programmed form the school and the media to stay mediocre minded, every one of those people sees it as a norm and adopt that lie as their “truth”.

At this moment people close their mind, and some of them feel even offended if you just ask them about “procrastination”. And this is because of the scarce mindset they have adapted and trained over the years.

But are they speaking through their soul? The answer is not at all. They are lying to themselves by telling themselves that “commentary is my truth” because it is the so-called “norm” or “common sense“. But what is common sense? Is it invented in your their souls or is it just a product of brainwash and manipulation? You might know the answer to it. And many of you readers might simply “enjoy your prison cell”. In fact, it is scary to escape it because everyone just starts to stare at you suspiciously like you are an outcast. But you know what, I never want to imprison me and my soul because I believe our soul, our heart or our “core self” is more creative and borderless than the “common sense” which is implemented in our brains.

And because of that “imprisonment of our souls” and the “implemented scarce mindset” It is really hard to resist it. In fact, how many people are “zombie- lised “with their 9-5? 90% of the world population does suffer where the 10% are doing it right. By saying “no” to procrastination we say “no” to new opportunities and eventually also new inventions.

Speaking of the 10% who do it right. Why they do it right? Because of form the medieval or even more back in the past, when there were schools there were first for the 10% or even less. Then everything has changed. But why does the “higher 10%” do not give their children into schools, or just into elite schools?

Because they do not want to have their children raised with a scarce mindset. And being open-minded towards strengths and weaknesses give them the chance to see the opportunities through their own lense.

Why do you think all the high valued brands like “Rolex, Luis Vuitton, Bugatti, Lamborghini, mont blanc” etc you do not see them on the TV? Simply because the brand knows, that their target costumers do not watch tv. simple as that. I personally do not watch tv for 10 years or even more. I only news on the internet which are relevant to my subject. And guess what? Every single time I hear my parents or any others are discussing politics or so. I just simply analyze their scarce mindset, rather than giving into complaining blaming or justifying myself. Because the moment I do it, I give up my own responsibility for my life.

Moreover, I subconsciously give over my control. And the funny thing is many of those people think that they are in control of these and giving up their responsibility. I do not wanna laugh in this place, but I feel pity for that person. Because they are simply neglecting their own reality. Which make it even worse. And and the critical phase, those people are tent to fight with mental disorders and also keen to end with suicide.

They do not realize that they could avoid that fatal consequences by simply being honest, vulnerable, and grateful to themselves and to others. Because when they did come from a place of abundance. They would not react in an aggressive tone. Of course, I do not want to say with it that they have to accept every offer. But there are huge differences between a neglection form a scarce or abundant place of mind.

Form wich place are you coming from when you get an offer?

I hope this smart episode of my current situation could help you to understand the importance of approaching procrastination form different perspectives.

And if you got some value form it, like it, share it with your loved once. I wish you an awesome day! and as always:

Do not lie to yourself and pursue your passion, now!

by Alex Spaet

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