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procrasatinatio​n le​ad​s to improvement?

How approaching procrastination does lead to improvement.

In the journey of “tackling” the procrastination habits we often use is to dig deep inside of ourselves. Doing so we are approaching it from different angles and reshaping our relationship with it by applying new patterns in our life.

Because we do dig inside of us and go far beyond or rational consciousness, we rediscover our thoughts, our habits, our strenghts and our weaknesses within us.

The more habitual this “self-discoveries” are, the more and the better we get the impression and knowledge of our “inner world” and the purpose and the operating system of our “core self”.

General speaking it is always an 3 step interaction with it. The consciousness, the discovery of different patterns and triggers and the reshaping our belief system of it.

By doing so, we are always changing our relationship towards it because of the reshape we apply. What we also do is implying a new belief system in a habitual way, so we rewire our neural system over and over again.

Following these 3 steps is also really crucial because you can’t know what to reshape if you do not know the “core issue”. The same with, you can not apply a new belief system to yourself, when you have not seen the triggers of the “past issue”.

And as I said in previous blog posts, procrastination is the result of habitual beliefs and thoughts which have sunk into the unconsciousness and operate our body form it and make it run “autopilot”.

This mode has to be “interrupted” by asking the previously introduced “chained why question” to get the disconnection from the consciousness and connect to the heart or the “core self” first. Because this is the place and the “state” you have to have to reshape yourself from the “core”. Because the more we at the “surface level” the more we are likely to get the “rebound” before our “elastic band ” is about to snap.

And of course, every new belief we apply in your “reshaping process” is like a muscle which has to be “grown” when we apply it to ourselves. And we do it again in our rational and conscious level for at least 90 days to make it sink into the unconsciousness and make it run purposely “autopilot”.

By applying this process habitually we discover new strengths within of us and because we do reshape the relationship with something, we reduce our weaknesses towards what we hated in the past and maybe make it a new strength of ours.

Therefore I would recommend to everyone who does procrastinate or not to apply this 3 steps in full honesty to yourself to reshape the relationship to yourself. In order how one of my mentors always says: live the life you are truly born to live.

This post was more about the theory and the importance of applying the 3 step system to “reshaping” relationships.

I hope you got some value form it though. if so, like it and share it with our loved one. I wish you an awesome day and as always:

Do not lie to yourself and pursue your passion ,now!

by Alex Spaet

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