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Leveragein​g Procrastination

Is procrastination leverage able?

Looking in to the wide world procrastination has a bad connotation. Not many people are talking about because for the most of us is an issue of shame. Many of us believe that when you procrastinate you are showcasing your weaknesses. And If you vulnerable about it, you do even shooting yourself a goal, which can be self destructive.

However, if you look on the 10% of human kind “who has the power“. Do they really escape procrastination or are not vulnerable about it. Hell they are not. But the difference is they simply do not talk about it publicly. Look at the highest achiever in our time Elon Musk. Do you really can say that he does not procrastinate at all?

He maybe does not tell you that in an interview if you a sleazy reporter. But if you get into the “best friend relationship” you will see very quickly. That even he is not perfect. in fact, he is far from it. What he is simply doing is being laser-light-focused on “one thing per day” and delegate or outsource the rest. Of course, he does have his preferences so he does not delegate the control. Therefore he got the results. But what does he do in between the work?He also simply procrastinates because all the pauses in between are in no alignment with the true “purpose” but these kind of action in between are doing its “purpose” . What they do is to empower and sometimes distract purposely to get the “special and creative ideas”.

To answer the question in the headline, you can leverage form procrastination very well. But there is one condition. You have to control it.

The biggest issue what I often see when people are unwillingly talking about there procrastination issues is, their procrastination is simply uncontrolled.

I mean as we are humans and not machines we all need pauses in between which is a kind of procrastination. Otherwise we just have a burn out, get stressed and sick. But what is the difference how high achievers like “Elon Musk” do leverage it?

Well, the difference is they are close to 100% honest to themselves. When it comes to “pauses”. What they doing is “segmenting” and “ranking” their activities in “between work” or you can tell “procrastination activities”. To their own addiction towards that activity.

To do not make it just a “boring pause” they do rotate in between it and also having a spreadsheet to see according to the energy consumption which of that activities recharges the most . And what they doing is choosing the thing which is the best for the situation and simply apply it. Of course for someone as Elon who is so passioned about what he is doing, it does not feels like work but more like relaxing during this work. This can just happen when the thing what you do is close to 100% alignment with your “core self”. However, depending on the person as the time goes by people are tent to get bored. And against it , spreadsheets of the “pause activities or as I call the “procrastination activities” are where you leverage from to your recharge.

So if you an action taker, go in google docs, and just list up all the activities you think do empower you in the first column, at least 10 different activities . Take the 2nd column and rank all that activities to your “level of obsession” mark all the 10er red and all the 1er green . Now do the same in the next column by ranking what amount of energy you can get recharged and how fast. rank them all and color them in the same colors as below. Now what you can do is sort them in order to have the green first and the red last. Once you have done it take the nest 7 columns for the week days.

Once you have done this pre work you know exactly which kind of activity does take how much time to recharge a several amount of energy back . Now what you can do is to write ticks in the chart when you have done this energy to recover. You can take also several activities combined to recharge your energy. What important is to rotate them to do not get into the boredom.

If you want to dive even deeper into your energy management. You can go and take a journal every time you loose energy for one week. Rank that lost form 1 to 10 on a separate calendar. Btw, the longer you track it the more you can distinguish your energy level at certain time in the day and in the week.

Now you have 2 powerful spreadsheets about yourself. Test if, them If your “power gain sheet” can fill up the “power losses “ at the same numbers. Again the longer you do it the better you know about yourself, and the more efficient you can control it.

Having done all that work , you know better about energy and the management of it than everyone else. And you hav the date, and you know exactly what you can combine just by watching these 2 spreadsheets. I have discovered it really recently and implying it into my routine.

I hope you got some value form it. If so, share it with your loved once. Have an awesome day! And as always :

Do not lie to yourself and pursue your passion, now!

by Alex Spaet

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