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Getting into the state= killing procrastination?

building the connection with your “future self”

In my last blog posts I often talked about the how Important it is to “get it not the state” . However I have never shared the exact technique behind it, which I got form one of my mentors.

So If you want to go into the state there are several things you have to take into consideration.

First: Do it in a situation where nobody can interrupt you. Second: play “fall out “ (not the game) but go “all in” because remember: how you do anything is how you do everything. 3rd: during the whole process keep your eyes closed. And after the breaving exercise there is a visualization where you also keep your eyes closed till the end of the exercise.

Let`s begin: there are several techniques for the breathing exercise you can do it by pushing your arms from the shoulders up into the air. But I personally recommend the “breathing through the nose ” kind as it is harder and more effective. Here you can put your arms on your knees or on your diaphragm (for more control of the breathing intensity).

Now close your eyes and start to breathe everything you have in through the nose and put your guts out. And when you can’t breathe in any more use your mouth and blow like a balloon with all might out by putting you belly in.

Put in an nice relaxation tune and let’s start!

Now this is counted as one “rip”. We do 30 rips together (I recommend do like 50 or more) . When you have done it right, you can feel a sense of tinglines in your finger tips and my be throughout your whole body.

Now, Remain with your eyes closed and put your palms on your knees.

Now you start to do your imagination training. Here you can separate between “becoming the future self” or “asking your future self“.

Let`s start with the “becoming ” .

Now think of an empowered belief and hold it deep inside. Is it to be more creative, more confident, more powerful more successful. Whatever it might be , lock it in your mind.

Now I want you to imagine, that in front of you is another you which is sitting and holding the empowered believe you would like to make your own. Is it be more confident, more powerful, more successful whatever it is this person holds it in demonstrated this treats effortlessly.

Now I want you to form this self as you want and listen to your heart” . If you feel satisfied with it. I want you to step in and see through the eyes hear what that is and truly feel and amplify that feeling right now. Amplify that brightness and really be in that moment right now. Take this believes and behaviors and make it yours. Now I want you to think of a situation and how you will handle it form that perspective (here you have the option to see an even better version of your futures self. You can do that process as long as you wish) . Take the golden nuggets of the perspective and apply to your current situation. Now when I count to 5 I want you to slowly return back to the room, you in. 5 hold this golden nugget don’t let it go.4 keep it close tight it is within you. 3 . 2: become one with that golden nugget. 1. become conscious of the room your in slowly open your eyes. Welcome back!

Now here was that exercise to “become the future self” . But sometimes we want to have simple questions or answers rather than just having hits. For those of you. There is the second imagination exercise to “asking your future self”

Again after you have done your breaving exercise remain with the eyes closed.

Now imagine how with each and every breath it becomes you feel more relaxed. And imagine how with each breath it goes deeper and unleashes your imagination.

Now I want you to think of the moment and you standr in front of a Crystal clear pond. Imagine how you are throwing a pebble into the pond and see how the ripples are flowing and fading away. Now I want you to imagine how your body is this pond and every time you throw your pebble your muscles become soft and loose. Now through one of this pebbles in the middle of your body and feel how the ripples are going through your back your stomach and your spine. How the are reaching your neck, your thought your face and your skull. How they go to your pelvis your legs and your feet. your arms and your finger tips and your toes.

Now I want you to feel and don’t think how you are standing in a beautiful forest. And you can see how over yonder is a train cabin. Get close to that cabin and see how it looks like what the sounds are and what the smells are. This is the cabin of your future self. Now I want you to walk to the door. And see how the door is opening and you see in front of you yourself several years in the future. Say hello to your “future self” and give him/her a hug. Now see how the future self reacts and invites you to come over his place. See how the cabin looks like “. the smells and hear the sounds. Now walk with your future self to place where you can sit and talk. Here I want you to ask 2 question towards your future self. the first question is : What should I focus the most at the moment I am right now and listen what he/she answers. Now the second question is :knowing what I know right now what is a piece of advice you can give me? Now you can ask your own question. Now you have to leave the cabin walk to the door with your future self, thank him and say goodbye. Now walk out of the cabin, return to the forest, and return to your place.

Now these are 2 exercises I am using daily very effectively on the needs I have. Do I want to operate from a high perspective, I do the first one. Do I need to answer several questions I go for the 2nd one. Try It out and tell me how it has turned out for you.

If you got some value form it share it with your loved once. i wish you an awesome day and as always:

Do not lie to yourself and pursue your passion , now!

by Alex Spaet

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