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How good habits can become procrastination

How also good habits can become procrastination.

By analyzing the “entrepreneurial ” habits we can find out patterns these “high achievers have in common. These patterns are “physical and metal fitness” . Speaking of physical fitness every one can understand the meaning of it like doing work out and several exercise to keep the body fit.

But what are the mental exercises which are they doing to keep the “spirit” fit? on of the most common things when it comes to mental health is “meditation” .

Meditation is a powerful tool they are using to analyze they thoughts and feelings towards a particular topic. Doing so , they are capable of extracting the unconscious to the conscious to have a better control about them . Another big thing is reading. Reading is one of the most powerful tools of relaxation of them inkstand of social media or TV. Btw do wonders yourself why big supercar brands like “lamborghini” or “Ferrari” does not have any Tv commercials? The answer is that people who can afford it usual do not watching tv. In other words it is out of their target audience. Of course there are more things they might do like having a relaxation bath before go to bed. Do not social media an hour before going to bed and so on.

Because these habits are used by the “most powerful persons in the world” we often mistakenly take them as “good habits” .

I mean hey if you like to do that experiments with you go on and try it for 90 days to get them as a habit. But what is when these habits are in a total in-alignment with your “core self” then what? Are you dare to take them as “good habits” ? can you really generalize them to every so called “high achiever” ? of course not. And as I said according to my personal definition of procrastination “you are going away form you core self” . In that case all the habits you do establish in your morning or evening routing or even a throughout the day routine are “procrastination habits” because of that simple fact they do not suit you.

So how do you know if those “good habits” I try to make my own are “non procrastination habits” for myself? The simple and may be the most tedious way is to find out. Which of these habits suits you the most by trying to make them a habit by doing it for 90 days straight. I know it can be tedious. But there is the reason why just 10% of the mankind have that “entrepreneurial spirit” and the other 90% don’t. It is simple as the 90% are not suitable or let me say it better : their believe system aka BS is programmed towards not being suitable towards those habits based on past occasions or events. And the most dramatic part is they do not know it.

Of course, if you have lived into the “matrix” and someone offers you the “red pill” not everyone is willing to leave it. And this is the biggest problem in our society even there is not the “habit hole ” like in “the matrix” you are kind of mesmerized with all that media influence, at school, a job, at university. Everywhere. What this leads to is a total disconnection with the “core self“. And do not misunderstand that living the “core self” means necessarily being an entrepreneur is inevitable. No, there are many ways apart from it but because that part is called “personal development” I personally suggest to go it every one to find the “core self” and live it. Because once you have found it, you start to live a life with a total abundance and as Steve Jobs said “the dots begin to connect “ automatically. And when you are operating from that “state” you can ask your “future self” literally everything. As you are in that “state” you cannot miss anything because you are on the “right path” and there is no more happiness in this world than striding it. Of course, to come back to the title, you can ask also according”. The habits which are “good” for you and which can lead to an other “procrastination issue”. Doing so you have that short cut in time so you do not have to test any technique if it is aligned with your self or not because deep inside you know already the answer.

In my next blog I will share with you a powerful technique to encounter your “future self” which I got form one of my mentors. If you got some value form it, share it with your loved one. I wish you an awesome day. And as always:

do not lie to yourself and pursue your passion, now!

by Alex Spaet

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