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How Sickness ca​​n be PROCRASTINATION

How to determine if your sickness equals it or not

Recently I got a virus. When I asked my doctor what kind of, turned out to be an epidemic decease here in Germany. So I got currently an “Certificate of disability” for several days. As it is a virus you never know how to cure it.Therefor what I did is to wait a day or so with blogging and other social media work till I have kind of an idea what I have. So I “procrastinated”

However if I watch into the deep was it really “procrastination” or just “innocent ignorance” of my own condition. I can tell with certainty that it was the second one. Even I was capable of doing such things, I just paused for a day. And believe me or not I felt more abundance as when I haven’t done it.

I just remember In my collage days where we had a “nomikai” a drinking party till 5 am in the morning in the karaoke. It felt amazing however when I got back home and had to wake up 1 or 2 hours later, the hangover got my right into my butt.

Even I felt bad every moment I went to the university. It was a hilarious experience as I could not sit in the lecture for more than 15 minutes as I had to run to the washroom… I felt worse than before and form that I learned, that sometimes it is better to listen to the body no matter what the duties are.

I lost a day and more I lost the belief of my professors in me. Long story short I was sent home and got my remedies . The next day the symptoms were gone. Here I have learned on my own skin, that sometimes procrastination is inevitable part of our life. Watching this occasion back, I have also learned to never drink on Sundays too . Since then I use them more for getting prepared for the week, by using spreadsheets and other tools to start my Monday on a “high note” .

However, speaking of that experience , there are things to differ between “inevitable procrastination” and ” an pseudo inevitable procrastination” .

Sometimes we think we are feeling bad by being simply lazy. This feeling can be caused form different reasons especially being kind of tiered is one of that reasons. Of course you can use different techniques to get rid of it. But what do you do if they simply do not work?

As I said in previous blog posts, our mood and our physical feelings are often caused by our believes in short “BS”, do not misunderstand it with “bull shit” by the way. So this BS is the trigger for all the things we do and feel. So when we feel bad how to make sure if that bad is caused by “yourself” and not external factors like “viruses”.

Well you can go for meditation which is really powerful. But If you are not that “meditation type” I would suggest to “track down” that inner feeling. By asking yourself what that feeling is and where , what its color and how does it look like (shape). And as you continue this “self asking” exercise you will feel like your “bad feeling” starts to fade away. Slowly but surely you feel kind of release of it. Btw. It also helps If you have headache or even migraine. So after this exercise If your mood does not get better. Try to ask your self the “chained why question” . Doing so you will dive deep into the matter as search for the “real trigger” . Once you find it pick it up and write it down. What you can do now is actually searching for solutions on the internet “or ask someone” and apply it.

And when you figured out that this all does not really help .. Well in that case you are eligible to procrastinate as it is a real decease which you can not handle now with your own mind. In that case going to a doctor is the No. priority.

Tell me how do you determine the “eligible procrastination” form “pseudo inevitable procrastination” . I hope you got some value form that post. If so share it with your loved one. And as always have an awesome day and :

Do not lie to yourself and pursue your passion, now

by Alex Spaet

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