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How Procrastination leads to stagnation

Passive procrastination we might not be conscious of

Generally speaking, we human beings are made for progress as mother nature does. The low of evolution “survival of the fittest” is dictating us to progress. However if we feel satisfied with that what we have achieve and stay at a stagnation level is this also a kind of procrastination?

Well, you might remember that my definition of procrastination is to enlarging the gap between the “core purpose” and the true “current action”. So if you feel aligned with you “core self” within this “stagnation” it is not necessary a form of procrastination. However, if you might not reconsidering tak a look into your current comfort zone and trying to widen it by stepping out of it. For example as an introvert I used to sit somewhere in the corner of the room to not make any attention. However I realized that when being with friends I am extroverted.

Where does this came form? After years I have seen that I feel in certain places my self “more confident” than in others. It can be an issue of the “vibe” but also just how big or how small my “comfort zone” was. With what I start when I got to my “speaking mastery call” is, simple videos “. In fact, I was ashamed of my face”. But what I did, I record myself speaking for several days then I switched to facebook live. Since then it is my morning routine to do livestreams every single day. And I can tell you when I miss a week I would feel awful after it. Because when I do it, my social anxiety just strikes me down with one hook. I am not that person who like to complain , but I have taken action and am taking action to tackle it.

So what in the world does all that stories have together with “procrastination”? The answer the in-alignment with myself is that issue which causes it during the stagnation period.

So If you are not sure that you are procrastinating or not, ask yourself that simple question: “Will I be satisfied with all I have achieved so far and not get bored or have any regrets till the rest of my life?”. Its a yes or no question. So If the answer is “no” find the issues and pull yourself out of your “comfort zone” over and over again till you can answer this question with a “yes”.Even then, ask yourself this question in intervals of at least a week to fell a decision to stay at the stagnation state.

However, in my personal opinion as far as we live we are obliged to grow somehow, as stagnation can lead to rebound and towards an regression it is always better the run than to stand still.

with this further said, I hope you have got some value form this blog post. If so share it with your loved one. Have an awesome day. And as always:

Do not lie to yourself and pursue your passion, now!

by Alex Spaet

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