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how some senses of procrastination can benefit you

Have you read the “4 hours work week”? Me neither yet but I have heard about its concept of outsource some particular work which we are simply not suited for.You see everyone has a special ability to do something you can call it a gift or talent. However you might call it some people have their tendencies of being affine towards particular activities which other do not have it. So what you can we do is simply find first of all your personality for example you do the free “16 personality test”. Just type it in the browser it will pop up the first (because of the SEO work) .

Nevertheless, knowing your personality exactly you will become more conscious of things you are like and dislike to do. Through particular activities like for exampleentrepreneurship need both sides of the medal the analytic and the creative mind. If you can combine both things it’s fine, but what I could see on people who are trying it is the most of them just simply can’t. In fact, many people are, for example, embody just one of these twos parallel sides. And I do totally agree, the way you perceive the information and work with it, it will influence which of both brain sides you are using the most, the” creative right side” or the “analytic left side“. But as I said before, for things like entrepreneurship you need both. How can you combine without doing tedious spreadsheet things when you a creative marketer? Well, you can go through courses which can make t hatred towards analytic stuff even worse. But I suggest at this point you should “procrastinate” on it and search for a reliable business partner or outsource your analytic work to a company who does all the things for you. Because guess what, productivity is not about working hard but working smart. And outsourcing or delegating that work to a “partner” is often the best way to move forward in your “creative space” and run your business. Just take a look on Apple: Steve Jobs was the “marketer” and Steve Wozniak the guy with the “analytics” who has provided all strategies on spreadsheets.

With this said : procrastination is not your enemy but an indicator of your possibilities.

Back in high school, I have seen people who had bad remarks at “math, physics, biology” but had A remarks at English, German and other languages so they procrastinate towards the subjects they do not affine towards. This does not mean that they are lazy or stupid, this is just a cause of the concept what they are made for is different aka do not make for analytics and other data subject. Basically speaking according to the theory of “Dan Lok” to the different 4 psychological types he describes that we all are like gemstones: the Ruby who are dominating and good at challenges and are attached to words like “limited”. Emerald who are into data and analytics these two types are analytical types. Then we have Sapphire who loves everything what is “fun” and troublemakers as they love to have they spot lite on them. And we have the “Perl” who is more like “introverted” and is all about “helping other people”. Btw. my main type is for sure the “sapphire” part with a sprinkle of “emerald” and just a tiny part of “perl“. Btw. according to this theory, Sapphire is the opposite if Ruby that means both can not become the other. Same thing with Emerald and perl.

So as you can see, according to this small chunked down theory we are all different. And the problem of the current education system is definitely that they are trying to attach mostly the analytics path with the creative path combined to every of these four archetypes. It is ridicules as how I said these to things are controversial to each other. And just a hand full of types are fitting into this category.

Another part which is also fitting into the traditional perception of “procrastination” is the treatment of those four archetypes. In our world of duality “failure” aka “bad results” are expected in a matter of “procrastination” so they lead to a punishment. And for “good results” follows a “reward”. So imagine just you have failed math exam and being made down by your teacher. You return back home and the same thing happens: you have an argument with your parents.

How do you feel? beaten down by all things which happening around you? And in many countries where the parents are strict especially in the Asian world, this can lead to fatal consequences like rising suicide rates. And many politicians are asking themselves why this occurs… Because in school a fall is treated as failure which makes justify to blame and making this innocent human being down emotionally. And this is just cruel.

If you are taking that thoughts and compare it to entrepreneurial thinking.

At the entrepreneurial world falls are not treated as failures “but as lessons”. You climb, you fall you stand up and climb. There is a nice Japanese proverb 七転八起(shichi ten hakki) which translates like when you have fallen for 7 times you stand up the 8th time. It is a wise proverb which shows the perseverance and persistence which is just smashed by the education system nowadays. If you watch people like Jack Ma , Richard Brandon or even Tony Hawk and their stories you will see that they have treated as “outcast” as “losers” who never will achieve anything in their lives. Because the education system is based on duality thinking, nothing in between or nothing that is peripheral to it. It simply does not tolerate it.

Let`s go back to procrastination. Because if you look into the history of mankind, many innovations has been made because of the “sense of procrastination”. If nobody would “procrastinate” to calculate with abacus we would never have things like a calculator nor a personal computer. In other worlds that small sense of “controlled procrastination” inspires us to create new things and contribute to the world rather than stick to the old without any progress. So with this further said in your “fight with procrastination” do not beat it completely down as you will miss opportunities that might help you to progress or even contribute towards mankind.

I hope you have got some value form my content . If so , share it with your loved once. I wish you an awesome day and as always:

Do not lie to yourself and pursue your passion, now!

by Alex Spaet

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