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no sport = Procrastination

How a lack of sport activities can cause procrastination

As I said in the previous block posts : procrastination has its reasons. And what I learned throughout my research towards it can be caused by a large variety of reasons. Tackling it is like of trying to fill a whole of a french cheese you have to do it in a combination rather than just using one method. That means there can be a bunch of reasons and our responsibility is to figure out what does fit to ourselves and the rihght technique and habit towards tackling it. However some cases of procrastination can cause benefits so by tackling it we have also to be aware of it positive contributions.

So one of the most common procrastination triggers is a lack of sport. Why you might ask? If you look into the caveman time, we human being are made to move and to act. Without these 2 things, we are passively dying every second. So what das actually occur in our in our body when we move it? Well, when we do it rightly – that means if we are focusing on right breathing during the exercise we get serotonin into our blood. Which makes us happy. Therefore we are pushing even more forward. During that state, if you set goals for some “rips” or some “sets” you will get adrenaline when you achieve that goal. And yes, adrenaline is very addictive so we can become a “slave” of it if unleashing it uncontrolled. Nevertheless, the more “happiness hormones” you unleash during the exercise the more you get drawn towards it.

So this is the tackling side, but let’s see into the side when you have a lack of sports. What will happen then? Look we live in a world of unbalance between positivity and negativity. Infact, there is more negativity around us (which is mostly caused by fear) than positivity. Again, let’s take again a look into the caveman time. Male caveman had to fight with creatures for flesh food and female had collected the greens, grapes, fruits nuts and so on. In short, both moved to live and because of the movement they got there “happiness ” hormones. So now we know that , our body is actually in need of positivity which is created by these hormones to survive. And because when the body feels like the supply of “happiness hormones” is insufficient, it searches for alternatives to it. It can be gaming, gambling, watching movies, eating several food, consuming several substances or doing certain intercourses and so on. Whatever it might be our need for these hormones have to be met.

So basically when we do not have it our body make ourselves doing things out of our conscious behavior to get that “happiness shot” which is often an act of “procrastination”. So tackling it sounds easy “just do sports”. However trivial it might sound but it can help because doing so you are giving your body the daily “happiness doses” to overcome daily stress and other negative issues. Therefore if you see that you do not do daily workouts I would recommend you do so. As I said above, this one thing might be the piece of puzzle you need to tackle your procrastination issue. Moreover, it is good for your body overall and healthy. It also makes you more energized throughout the day, especially when you burst in sweat during that exercise. Doing so, you detox your body form the things your body does not need well, and this can also solve some health issues. Personally I do my half an hour workout right after I wake up and drank some water to get the hydration.

Try it out and tell me how it works for you. I hope you got some value form it. If so share it with your loved once. And as always:

Do not lie to yourself and pursue your passion, now

by Alex spaete

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