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Bad nutrition is the root of procrastination

how does nutrition effect you to procrastinate

what food do you eat? This simple question might be easy to answer for those who are aware of their consumption routine. However, for those who are not it might be a hard one. Why you might ask, well we in Germany have a proverb it which is “Du bist was du isst” which translates like you are what you are eating. Sounds ridicule at the first sight however if you go into the depths you will find a solid answer for yourself. Simply because the thing what we are consuming determines our feeling and our lifestyle. Let`s be honest to ourselves who of you grab sometimes to fast food or junk food? I am guilty and when there is no legitimate restaurant nearby and I have a revolution in my stomach so I have to go for fast-food therefore I raise my hand too.

So when I ask you how do you feel If you have eaten a hamburger, a package of potato chips or other snacks with coke, how many of you feel energized afterwards? I bet not a single one of you, me neither. Because this kind of food is not made for giving but draining energy. I know that during food consumption the parasympathetic nervous system is activated therefore we do not feel energized in general but calmer. I agree that fact, but If you compare when you eat greens nuts and other healthy food the time of being fired up and the effectivity rises drastically compared to fast food consumption. In fact, by eating fast-food you are more likely to lose more energy you had before.

And because you are stocked in the parasympathetic mode you are more keen to be lazy and to procrastinate rather than take massive action. As this food is made for making you a passive human being which should live the average life with no dreams. I do not want to dig deeper into this matter as it goes to conspiracy theory but If you want to continue the research on your own, you will find a lot of information about this topic on the internet.

What I want to emphasize is the importance to reduce this conception to 0 %. Because many studies have shown that it is a long time “body destroyer”.So why you want to harm yourself? However, consuming just greens and other healthy things might be good but you can’t put everybody type in one basket for an all-round diet. What I want you to suggest is I heard it from one of my good friends in his FB live stream one day. Once I have heard about it I did my studies and have read many articles to prove it’s legitimacy. It is a more than 5000 years old method consuming your food according to your body type and your mental characteristics. There are 3 doshas which include several physical and mental parameters everyone of us have. So when you have figured out your main dousha, you can go and nurture yourself the opposite way your dousha operates to prevent different issues your dousha might have. I can go in depth but it goes far beyond the normal issue of “procrastination” however If you are interested in I can write an article based on my research towards it. Nevertheless, I also advise you to check out sites who are cover this in depth.

I hope I could help you somehow to understand what these 2 things have in common and how to tackle them. If you had some value share this with you beloved once and those who may need this information as sharing is caring! I wish you an awesome day ! and as always :

Do not lie to yourself and pursue your passion , now !

by Alex Spaet

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