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Fear and Procrastination

how does fear correspond to procrastinate

Just watching this two words not everyone would see the connection between it. However Procrastination does correspond to fear.

Let`s do, for example: you have fear to loose your job so you simply procrastinate in a job you might hate just of the sake of do not loosing liquidity. As I said in previous blog posts there are different levels of “procrastination” in all of that levels is often an addiction or a fear involved if you go down he “rabbit hole”.

Speaking of the opposite way: procrastination can also cause fear but only if you becoming conscious about it. Imagine you do procrastination by playing computer games just privately. If you an student and know that the next exams are soon you become more conscious of “that you are procrastinating” at the same time when you see the “pressure of time” it is common to getting into hurry because the the realizing of procrastination has caused the fear.

The solution for the first case is becoming conscious of that fear and do not trying to detach one selves form the cocoon of “fear” by bringing love towards it , as fear is the opposite of love not hate. In fact If you track down all hate to its core you will get to “fear”. Again the point is , do not seeing fear as an enemy but as a coach . So once you have detached yourself form fear e.g. by writing down positive emotions towards it, you can start to watch the whole situation from am objective perspective. And just analyze the worst case scenarios without attaching emotions towards it. Again, when you feel that you are going back to emotions , do the “fear exercise” again until you are mentally ready for it. Do not skip that step. Once you have done the research towards the “worst case scenario” you can analyze what you want to do and why. In fact there is a simple but really powerful technique in “finding your why” is just to chaining the sentence by attaching the “why” at the front. so it would be like : Q:why I want to become an international speaker?

A: To impact people

Q; why do I want impact people?

And so on… do it at last for 15 times or even more. Because when you feel you can’t answer it what actually happens is when you at this “dead end” moment just deliberately push through. You can get a “breakthrough”, which allows you to connect to your “heart” and to your core.. because your rational self can’t it answer. So once you have done this, you will get into “the state” when you are there you will operate from a completely different level and find infinitive amounts of answers to this “chained why question”.

Once you have done it, compare both sheets together, take an calendar and make a decision. When you did it, write it somewhere and tell it to someone for your own accountability. Set a time limit for yourself because a plan without a “time limit” is keen to never start.

Now to the second case: Here it obviously depends how much time you have till the exam. So depending on your time there are different strategies. You can actually use the technique above to tackle your fear and making objective decisions. No matter what you do , do not blame yourself and also do not start to whine , take ownership . Treat yourself with love. I know It from myself how my self hatred rose in my past when I know I could do it better but I procrastinated. It is the worst case because doing so i just wasted time Instead of searching for possibilities to get the things done in the time I have left. Some exams are actually taught on youtube and other platforms , If you not sure you are capable to of doing it alone. Take help form others especially who already have done this. Even If you have one day to learn this stuff. Do not learn it 5 or 6 hours straight. I just remembered one exam I have failed for which I have learned 16 hours straight for one week. It was obnoxious for myself to see that all the work was done for an F remark. So When you learn, do always 5 minute breaks after 20 minutes or so. These brakes should be activities which empowering you and giving you energy and not drain it. And the most important aspect do not sleep less because of the exam. Indeed, sleep is a powerful tool you can use to rewiring your nerve system and putting information in the right place. There are studies where students who has a tons of sleep and less studying time had better remarks than those who done the opposite. So do not underestimate the power of “good sleep” under no circumstances.

So these are 2 cases where fear correspond with procrastination in both ways. How do you liked it? have you picked up something new? Please let me know in the comments box. But I hope you got some value form it if so liked this article and share it with your beloved once and people who you thing this information might help. I wish you an awesome day. And as always:

Do not lie to yourself and pursue your passion , now

by Alex Spaet

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