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stress and procrastination

how does they corporate with each other?

Before diving deep inside the corporation of these two things. Let first identify stress. Is stress real? What is stress? How does it happen?

So let’s answer the first question first. Stress does exist as far as you validate its existence. In short words “stress” is something like believing in God and Devil. Now you may ask how does all those people get the deceases because of stress , this is ridiculous! It might be so as all the media and many doctors are talking about stress and how “it can harm” your health. However I say If you look into the core of the so called “stress” there is always an occasion or an event happened which has been perceived in a negative way. Even the intention of some people is to harm us with “stress” as far we do not attach towards it a negative meaning we do not get harmed as we are simply walking away form it. It is not an act of being a coward but a conscious decision to detaching one selves form negative emotions. However If you do attach a “negative meaning” towards that event what actually happens as our inner mood which representatives our future because positivity attracts positivity as in the opposite way too. With this further said to answer the last question : in a positive mindset “stress” does not exist.

So going to the 2nd question What “stress” is . It is simply an extraordinary negative perception of a certain event or a chain of events which is causing things like bad mood, fear especially social anxiety or even psychological and physical deceases if not working against it.

The 3rd questing how does it happen is as I said above It does happen as a cause of negative experience might it be bullying , being overwhelmed and other things. It is important to tackle it by changeling the way of the perception.

So in what coalition does stress stand with procrastination you might ask. Well It can go both ways , stress is causing procrastination or procrastination is causing stress. For example you do have a big assignment to do at your studies. All of the sudden you feel overwhelmed as you can’t comprehend the time pressure. This pressure Is causing you stress and when you fell you can’t bare it anymore you simply procrastinate. It happen thousand times in my studies. You simple give up. Now the cause of that overwhelmed situation that you may perceive as “stress” is may naturally come from then you have waited doing this assignment till the last day. So you procrastinated till the last day to do it , now you are causing stress to yourself and because you are giving up you procrastinate again. Now you got into the” Vicious cycleof you two “enemies” .As you can say “procrastination” and s”tress” walks “hand in hand”.

So how to get out of it and how to use procrastination in tackling stress? As I said procrastination can be your “mentor” and how you can use your procrastination to work for you is : you are doing a treaty with it. Now that sounds just crazy Isn’t it? Infant procrastination as well as stress does not exist in the physical world so how sign do a treaty? Here you have 2 methods to overcome this dilemma.

the first one is you do not need a treaty at all , but what you can do is to extract your “stress” and watching on it form an “objective” perspective. Now how you can do it by watching the event which is causing you stress to form a neutral perspective, that means without attaching any evaluation and emotions by writing down this picture what you see. The next part is harder because here you have to write done all the things you have learned from that experience and trying to showing gratitude towards it (even if you can’t) . By doing this exercise over and over again, your nerve system as well as your believe system will rewire itself with new “perceptions” and because “perception is reality” you are shaping the reality form a different perspective. As more and intensive you do it you will start to love that event instead of hating it or feeling stress.

The second method “the treaty with your procrastination” you can do I you use the “reward and punishment” method. By simply saying to yourself and to your “triggers of procrastination” that you will procrastinate but just when you have done the assignment. Doing this your “sense of procrastination” will protect you from the stress because you have attached a “meaning” towards it. Btw. speaking of entrepreneurs it is good that an entrepreneur have a “sense of laziness and procrastination” this senses bring him to doing the work quick and working “smart but not hard”. Because of this senesce there are tent to find there “solutions” even faster of people who do not procrastinate at all.

With this further said a sense of “procrastination” is healthy in a certain level to have.

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Do not lie to yourself and pursue your passion, now !

by Alex Spaet

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