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5 Stages of Procrastination

What is the Highest and what is the lowest stage?

The highest stage I would call it “the essential procrastination” is in my opinion doing things which are securing your life or/and your lifestyle and which can hurt yourself to give it up e.g: a job that you hate.

At this stage, it is a high risk involved by quitting it so 90% of the humankind do not do it because they have the fear to lose their money, belongings, and properties. Many of those who try to escape it, are dragged down by people “like a crab in a bin which tries to you out of the bin but every time it tries it, it will be pulled down by other crabs. Of course, leaving everything and going “all in” straight away needs mental preparation and a solid business plan that is realizable according to the savings that a person did. In fact just a very slow percentage of an entrepreneur going this route as it involves the highest risk and massive commitment.

Another rout that can be taken at this stage is to start a “side hustle” might be hard to manage it with time, however there are a tons of examples people did it. Of course if you are satisfied and aligned with your job it is better for you to stay , however as the times goes by and many industries are in threat of the motorization I would always suggest to start at lest an. Just for the sake of getting a second income stream for the “worst case scenario” .

The second one is the “stage” which I call “the obsessive procrastination” is where you are mentally addicted to things e.g “computer games“. At this stage, it is become a “habit” to you to procrastinate and like a “drug” does it is mentally hard for you to get rid of it. For those people I always suggest “why do not turn your hobby or obsession into a side hustle?” I mean, platforms like Youtube and Twitch has a lot of streamers like “ninja” or lets players like “Pewdiepie” which made 7, 8 figure businesses just by playing games and putting some creativity into the edits and thumbnail. Of course, if you go into the depth you have to be careful of SEO adds, competition, and other online marketing things. However, the core principle is really facile. If that obsession is something that is not appropriate or even harms yourself than I would suggest trying to do exercises against it by extracting the obsession and watching it from an objective level and attach it to a meaning if you expand it towards the live spam. By attaching that fear of stagnation, our subconscious mind (depending on the obsession level) is tent to rewire the nerve system when doing it regularly. If you can not do it by yourself, ask for help , or ask people who have done it before you. As an old Chinese proverb said: “If you want how difficult the mountain to climb is, ask those people who are returning”.

The third stage is the “unconscious procrastination” which are many people fallen to. Just watching my past, when I did wake up the first thing in the morning I did check my Whats app or when I lived in Tokyo I have checked my Line. Whiteout even realizing I got on Facebook Instagram and other social media. As a result, I have spent the first one if not two hours of the day on social media. And it was like a domino-effect to myself. Once I consume it I tent to watch on the clock and hurry to not got late to school, university, part-time job. The result I got stressed out , and I felt it like stress. (Speaking of stress I will talk about it in my next blog post.) And the the whole day felts like a race against the time for me. Now imagine yourself in a full pact train in Tokyo where the people like you doing the same over and over again. Now I imagine it for 40 years straight! No wonder that people have strokes and heart diseases because of it and the funny find is , nobody knows the reason to it. At this stage again, I personally needed a wakeup call and that was when one of my mentors made with me that mind experiment:

Just imagine for a moment yourself lying on the dying bed somewhere in the future , all the family members gathered your children may be your grand or even grand grand children. And all of the sudden right before you pass away one of those people ask you : do you regret the life you have lived or have you enjoyed every moment and lived a life of abundance?

Considering all you have done so far is the peak of your life how would your answer be? Would you say “yes ” genuinely . Would you lie to yourself and say “yes” or would you say “no” and pass away with regret? btw. beside the first answer the other two includes a regretful death. And maybe have not mentioned but, regret is the worst feeling human being can encounter mental. Moreover it can be more harsh than every physical sore you have ever experienced. So how would you react. Life isn’t forever. We are like guest who come and go. In fact Nobody is safe form death. Who can guarantee tomorrow? Without sinking deep into despair this kind of questions brought me out of my darkness. And that was the trigger for myself to overcome my fears of humiliation , public speaking and other fears. As well as reduce procrastination to certain level to make benefit of them.

The 4th Stage I would like to call “protest procrastination”. This kind of procrastination you can often see form small children who are hating school or going to the dentist or other activities they do not like. So what they like to do is to try to avoid those activities for all costs, by using procrastination patterns purposely to protest against it. This pattern can be done not doing “homework” or assignments, and of course the learning for tests. I am honest and I have been there in my student years and the temptation to procrastinate was huge. Especially when you have some friends who are trying to enhance that temptation to go out and play rather than learn for the exam. In this case Will Smith has told as a nice psychological thought experiment by doing the chore as a reward not a forfeit. By showcasing “self love” in saying “I love my self that much that I know I would feel bad when I do fail that exam and I can not afford it to go out and play because when I do it I would feel guilty, and would feel regret that I have not learned properly when I had the chance to”. So by shifting this simple perception of the reality of negative to positive you are training your brain discipline and also seeing good things where the others see just bad. Indeed , by making this small “thought procedure” you will see more opportunities and more than the others ever will.

And the 5th one I do not can name it specially but it is like “I do not have anything special to do so I procrastinate” stage. Here, again It is a form of “conscious procrastination” the 4th type one too. As I am also from time to time there what I am doing is to searching and finding different activities which I can “fill in the blank” . Especially when it comes to “entrepreneurship” and when you have time here and there and you do not know how to overcome it. Well for me there is a very simple method I am using, a really old one and this is “reading“. Yes, reading every time I feel bored or so I pick my book, what I current read and just do it for several minutes. In fact as many neural studies has shown If you are doing activities for 20 minutes with uninterrupted concentration you are reaching the so-called “flow state” which makes time flies by. Another fact is , that reading is on of the most profitable habits of all “high achievers” . Just a as simple question : why does Ferrari, Lamborghini , Bugatti and other high and super car brands do not have any commercials at the TV? Because those people who can afford it do not watch TV instead of they do read books and special magazines. As I recognize reading books especially is one of the most underrated skills in the modern media world. However, if you have eyes ache or do not feel for reading , take a nap or meditate. In fact, “headspace” suggest in their “meditation sessions” to meditate for several minutes few times a day. So take this as a friendly advice and find your activity.

To which of these types do you belong to? Do you do some of those listed tips? I Hope I could give you some value . have an awesome day! And as always:

do not lie to yourself, and pursue your passion now!

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