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Methods I do approach my procrastination issue on daily bases

Once I have found out the core what my procrastination matters I tried to switch form the emotional to the materialistic state.

How I am doing it? By the way you know what the most powerful weapon the human kind has invented is? It is simply A pan and a Paper. So using this two tools you can dig deep and extract everything you want and you need. So how I am doing it: I simple watch on my wrist watch and note the time I am watching it. Then I grab a journal and track down every time I feel like I am about to procrastinate. By doing it so I know firstly what kind of patterns and behaviors make me “procrastinate” and secondly as I am doing it for 24 hours, I can track down the time of the day I am keen to “procrastinate”. Written down all the information I have a solid foundation of the problems and the “triggers” , btw If you want to track it for a week ore even for a month you can seen this “patterns” even more clear and and “fight” against that behaviors more effectively. Knowing the triggers and the time you can set your timers for an “patter interrupted” at the time of day you know you are “tent to procrastinate”. An other great method is to make it hard and even painful to pull the “trigger of procrastination”. How you can do it? Once you have gathered the information about the trigger , the patterns and the time of day you can make the same list for “solutions” to make this” pulling” hard for you. For example If the first thing you do is checking your social media when you wake up form the bed. Put your mobile phone far away so you are forced to get off the bed and you can’t hit snooze or watch the social media. Cut all the notification which just disturbs you. Set goals and hold yourself accountable towards the “fight” with your procrastination. However, do not see this as your “enemy” see it more as a reminder on your “past self” and use this “laziness” towards working “smart and not hard”.

So this is one of many methods you can find throughout the internet to tackle certain “triggers” but I want you to remember this medicine against your “procrastination” does not have to be complicated. In fact do it as easy for you to work against it and the hardest to do it. One last hint If you want to tackle it effectively remember: “Never miss out twice in the row”. What that means is : you can always miss a day but never miss two days in the row because form them your believe system starts to rewire towards the rebound.

I hope you got some value form It like I am doing currently. And as always

Do not lie to yourself and pursue your passion, now!

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