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going inside the roots of procrastination

As more I dug inside of myself for the “roots” the more I found out but how doing it rightly without harming yourself. Indeed the more you dig the more it can hurt mentally, so how did I overcome it? I used meditation on “headspace” a base to find my “inner peace” by spectating the thoughts and emotions without any evaluation.

Before I started “headspace” I had just a vague on understanding on concepts of meditation. Nevertheless the easiness and the “step by step system” makes it me easier to jump in with absolutely no clue and getting better as the time passes and it became a part of me. So using “headspace ” I have learned the basics and have build a solid base. Moreover I was more then ever prepared to “dig inside of me” for the first time of my life. As digging deep inside yourself can cause depending on the anchors also pysichic trauma, I know it has to be done step by step.

Well first things first, I picked up “Simon Sineks Book "start with WHY" and approached the concept of the "WHY" form the un-evaluational point of view by using my experience of "meditation" I have learned using "headspace". Which have shown me a little bit about the surface of my "true self". So when I picked up his next book "find your why" by applying his method by telling different stories I started to understand some "anchors " which were hidden deep inside of me. Nevertheless, It has not me bought so far the one simply technique I was introduced by one of my mentors. He talked about "asking the why to your why" and I had to do it at least 10 times in the row. The genius on that method is : everyone can do it simply also as everyone can be the helper by simply asking the one question in a chain over and over again. 

So let’s do an experiment towards it: If your an “action taker” grab a paper and a pen and ask yourself your purpose aka. your “why”. If ask it over and over again in a chain. e.g. if you ask someone why he want to be a speaker the persons answer: “because I want to impact millions of people” . then you ask his/her answer with a why so you ask : Why do you want to impact millions of people … As you can see here clearly it is just changing the why question over and over again. What does this bring you will ask me. Well depending on the level how you actual already know yourself , the chaining can become pretty long till you or the person you are asking reaches the “dead end”. Try it out and tell me when you have reached it. But the point here is not just reaching it but overcoming it to getting the “breakthrough” . As once you got it you are no more speaking “form your brain” but “from your heart” and trust me when you are speaking form it you are connected to your “core self”. This is actually the perfect state where you can program your unconscious mind to operate form a new perspective or you can ask it of every deep intention.

So once you got into this “state” you can ask you different questions for example the “anchor” of your fears and believes and build to the connection to your past self. Moreover, you can “reframe” your past believes by programming and adopting a new one and watch all your past form a “higher perspective” . In short, you can gain control about your past, present and future self and align these with your “core self”. What is actual even crazy to believe is that you can control your future and your choices the more you doing it. And speaking of “anchoring ” you can get rid of “anchors “ which are standing in your way and adopting new and positive “anchors “ which are giving you energy and the power to pursue our purpose.

In fact there are many methods to get to the state and also using its operational system for your benefits. But today I want just to cover the surface how to get into it easily and relatively without any risk involved.

So I hope you got some value form it and as always:

Do not lie to yourself and pursue your passion, now!

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