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How I discovered it for myself

first of all what is my personal definition of “Procrastination” you may ask. well for myself procrastination is not just things that I do not do “today” but postpone it to “yesterday” but also in general things which I am doing generally which are not aligned with my “why” .

For those of you who have read Simon Sinek`s “start with why” might know what I am talking about and how to explain is as simple as I can : your “why” is your “purpose” of your life. for many of you this concept might be to overwhelming and a real time waster, however as many big business owner say : “the more you discover yourself the more you are able to build on that knowledge your capital” . Therefor I believe it is not a problem of time or the lack of knowledge. Especially nowadays you can get all the mastermind techniques almost for free. Nevertheless the most people are not capable to reach that state of mind of self discovery.

I at this journey I asked myself why people are do not willing to know themselves better than they know themselves yet. What I have find out is that the most people my past self included are simply “afraid” of finding there “core self” there “core believes” and discover or even reshape there believe system. At this point, if you seek deep into the why is it so you will discover a simple formula : that “we are made not for progress but for crowd conditioning and obedience ” . What that means in detail is at this point I do not want to go for the “conspiracy theory ” even I was into it some years ago. However, we are born in a “world of conditioning” like one of my mentors said : ” we are born like a sponge which absorbs information” . Just imagine in your childhood you have seen a spider and you might be curious what that creature might be. Nevertheless all of the sudden your mum comes by and said words like “do not touch that creepy spider” she said. So what just happened at this scene you might ask. Well, for the mother it might be an innocent act to saying spiders are creepy. What the mothers not concern about is : At that moment she just conditioned her own child to a new Fear the “arachnophobia ” which I also have by the way. The thing is, It might be not on surface but it sinks deep into the “unconscious mind” and operates instinctive form there.

Here you might ask me : what does all of these stories have in common with “procrastination” . Well, as I mentioned before my personal definition of “procrastination” is “not living your why” . Form that “innocent conditioning” point of view you can see how the mother let the child to “procrastinate” or better said : “moving away form there core self” , by putting a “filter” on her child’s mind that “spiders are creepy”. This kind of “innocent conditioning ” are happening with us every single day of our life , and the truth is, the more we adept it the more and the harder it is to reach our “core self”. In fact we are unconscious about it as we run the daily “autopilot ” in our lives. Form work to home to Tv show to bed to work… As you can see such a lifestyle do not even allow us getting conscious of or “core self”.

Digging into the history you can discover that the “riches did things what no one did” therefore there become “rich” . But what is the real matter why the riches getting richer and the poor getting even poorer. Is simply that the wealthiest people do know that “tools of conditioning” and they are conscious about . So they are taking distance form it as well as they know that these tools are made by them to “condition” the rest of the world. Now you might feel hatred against them because of the believe in “conspiracy theories” .So what if I say this is not that away from the truth would you generate more hatred towards them?

Well, you might know that some of the biggest companies like Apple have generate income through creating a “cult” around it. If you have seen the “core massage of apple” with Martin Luther King Jr. do you really think that there “intention” is just pure “manipulation” ? Speaking of “Manipulation” this term has a bad connotation but do you know that you are manipulating others? It can be consciously or unconsciously. Moreover you do it every single day. Unconsciously you manipulating space by simply being there remember : 20 % of what we perceive is just conscious. What should be unconscious? The way you look the way you stand , the place you are standing and appealing, you’re intonation ect. Even when you are sitting alone in your room “you are manipulating the space ” with only you’re being. So what is conscious manipulation you might ask it is the direct opposite but the only difference is : “we know what we are doing” . Let’s take the “art of persuasion” by using silence and other non verbal or verbal techniques we are doing nothing but manipulating others mind.

So going back to the topic of “procrastination” is the manipulation of ourselves to believe and to do something we are not made for. Let’s take a simple story of a girl who is forced (manipulated) by there parents to become a lawyer, but in “reality” wants to become an “actress”. Well she do the the school pass the jura exam and becomes of “Lawyer” after 40 years of she retired as a “lawyer” and because that “manipulation” her believe system rewired in an incongruence to her “core self” . So what happened after her retirement? She has nothing to do and may she is also traveling the world but because she has left her job her “core-self” stared to give her hints to what she really wanted to do. As the time goes by she recognized that here wish “to become an actress” has grown exponential and overwhelmed her daily life. All of the sudden this wish brings her to big depression because with 70 she is already to old to start with the “show business”. So when the time comes and she lays on the “dying bed ” and someone just ask her : “ have you been satisfied with your life”? Who can guess what the answer might be? Of course if she is telling she found it wonderful at this moment she would simply “lie to herself” . However if she telling her core she would tell like “I lied to myself the hole life” , and will past away with “regrets” in her heart.

Speaking of regret, this is the most painful feeling a human being can experience and our nerve system suffers the most form it. As I heard that story I thought I do not want to lie to myself anymore enough is enough. From there on I became more conscious of things I do “procrastinate” and how I can overcome that hurdle. that’s why I always saying that sentence in my facebook lives and everywhere on social media:

Do not lie ty yourself and pursue your passion, now

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